Brief history of the AME Church –

In 1787, Rev. Richard Allen and Rev. Absalom Jones withdrew from St. George Methodist Church in Philadelphia, PA because of unkind treatment and restrictions placed on worshipers of African decent. They founded the Free African Methodist Society, which was the beginning of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1794, the first AME church was established in Philadelphia, named Bethel, also known as “Mother Bethel”, with Richard Allen as pastor. In 1816, Richard Allen called together representatives from various black Methodist churches from the Mid-Atlantic region. A church organization or “connection” was formed as the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Richard Allen was established as the founder and the first Bishop of the new denomination. Today, the AME church has membership in 20 Episcopal Districts in 39 countries on five continents. Growing in membership with people from various races and backgrounds.

Our Name –

African – Referring to the people of African descent and heritage. The church isn’t for those who are of African descent only. All races and backgrounds are welcome to join as the church advocates human dignity and religious liberty of all.

Methodist – The church’s roots are within the umbrella of Methodist churches. It provides an orderly system of rules and regulations, while emphasizing a simple and plain gospel.

Episcopal – Referring to the type of government the church operates. The highest office in the church is the Bishop. Their job, as chief executives and administrative officers, is to oversee the work of the church.

Our Beliefs –

The foundations are the Apostles Creed and the Twenty-Five Articles of Religion. The Twenty-Five Articles are from John Wesley who got them from the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England. Richard Allen adopted the Twenty-Five Articles as sufficient for the AME church.

Our Motto –

“God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, the Holy Spirit Our Comforter, Humankind Our Family.”


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